Matsukaze is one of Kyoto's most popular Japanese confections, a local favorite with a unique texture and flavor.

At first glance, it looks like bread or sponge cake, but it is kneaded with miso, which has a rustic sweetness and a unique texture created from fermentation. Matsukaze is a dough kneaded with wheat flour, sugar, malt syrup, and white miso paste, naturally fermented, and baked thinly into a round shape.

The gentle sweetness of sugar and malt syrup spreads with the rich flavor of white miso, giving it a chunky texture and a strong, distinctive aroma. Because of its elasticity, the more you bite into it, the more flavorful and sweet it becomes, giving it a delicious and addictive taste. The poppy seeds sprinkled on the surface accentuate the rich flavor of this confectionary.

It is said that "matsukaze," a famous confectionery associated with Honganji Temple, originated when the ancestors of "Kameya Mutsu," a Japanese confectionery located right in front of Nishi Honganji Temple, supplied it to the temple as food for its soldiers, when the temple was invaded by Oda Nobunaga.

The elegant sweetness of Matsukaze is addictive, and its rich flavor goes well not only with tea, but also with coffee and sake. Why not fully enjoy the Japanese taste with traditional Japanese tableware, which you can also enjoy with great relish?

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