[Wappa-meshi in Niigata]

Wappa-meshi is one of the representative local dishes of Niigata Prefecture. Wappa-meshi is a dish of steamed rice cooked in a light salty broth and topped with salmon or other seafood in a bowl made by bending thin wooden boards (wappa). Originally, it was created from the idea of how to eat a hot lunch during the cold season when farming. It is said that the dish was invented by the first generation of the long-established local cuisine restaurant "Inakaya" in Niigata City, and was completed in 1952 with the help of the famous gourmet Rosanjin Kitaoji.

Adachi Shigehisa Shoten's Wappa Seiro, which is perfect for such wappa-meshi, is made using only natural domestic ingredients, and is made in the traditional way. In Yamada, Teradomari, Niigata Prefecture, facing the Sea of Japan, there was already a sifter association in the late Edo period, and sieves, back strainers, and seiros were actively produced. Shigehisa Adachi Shoten is now the only old-established bentonmono workshop in Niigata Prefecture, and continues to pursue only the real thing with techniques handed down from generation to generation.

The combination of Niigata's famous rice, seafood from the Sea of Japan, and the traditional handiwork of the "wappa" method makes "wappa-meshi" a local dish that allows you to enjoy the charm of Niigata in one dish. Please enjoy it at home with the traditional skills that are still alive today.

Adachi Shigehisa Shoten Wappa Seiro S