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[Yamagata's Natto Rice Cake]

For those who want to try a different arrangement of New Year's rice cakes next year. How about "natto rice cake" which is often eaten in Yamagata Prefecture?

Natto rice cake, a chewy round rice cake covered with soy sauce-based sauce and fermented soybeans and flavored with thinly sliced white onions, is a staple of Yamagata Prefecture's home-style cooking, and has also been popular as a New Year's and Bon Festival food.

The trick is to soften the baked rice cake in boiling water, drain it, and then mix it with the natto. For the natto, add a little soy sauce to the sauce and mustard provided, and top with grated daikon or grated ginger if you like, as well as white onion. If you put it on Appi Urushi Studio's Flat Bowl, it will look more like New Year's. Please give it a try.

Appi Urushi Studio's Flat Bowl
Ichiyougama's Plate
Azmaya's Soy Sauce Cruet