[Dongbei Suancai and Suancai Cabbage Hot Pot]

Dongbei suancai are made by lactic acid fermentation of Chinese cabbage grown in the northeastern region of China, and have a mild and natural sour taste.

Pickled using only Chinese cabbage and salt, suancai were created to help people survive the harsh winters when it is difficult to grow vegetables. In addition to its purpose as a preserved food, it is a traditional food that allows you to take in the nutrients of Chinese cabbage and the lactic acid bacteria produced by fermentation at the same time, making it an efficient source of nutrition.

Locally, it is chopped and added to dumplings, or used as a garnish in soups and stir-fries, but the "suancai cabbage hot pot" cooked with pork is gaining popularity as a winter hot pot in China and abroad.

Even large Chinese cabbage will become soft and tender after sprinkling salt on it and letting it sit for a while. The large size Sori Yanagi's Stainless Steel Bowl is useful for preparing pickles in any way. If you have a small amount, you can use MokuNeji's Pot L or Noda Horo's Square L for pickling.

Suancai take about two weeks to prepare, so why not try making them before the real winter sets in?

1 head of cabbage
Salt 2% of the weight of the cabbage

"How to make"
Cut the cabbage into 8 pieces by cutting the root end with a knife and splitting it with your hands.
Weigh the cabbage and prepare 2% of its weight in salt. Sprinkle a little salt on the cabbage and let it sit, cross section up, for about 30 minutes.
Pack the slightly cabbage into a container sterilized with boiling water.
Weigh down and store with the lid of the container slightly open (to prevent the jar from bursting due to expansion from fermentation) and cover lightly with plastic wrap.
After the next day, when the water starts to come out, adjust the position of the weights, so that the cabbage is completely submerged in water.
If there is not enough water, add salt water of the same concentration.
Allow to ferment at room temperature for 10 to 14 days.

Tojiki Tonya's Koiga Donabe L
Sori Yanagi's Stainless Steel Bowl 23cm
MokuNeji's Pot
Noda Horo's Square L with a Lid

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oxCz8CAQ5M (Recipe for Dongbei Suancai)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLwKmpvdhzA (Recipe for Suancai Cabbage Hot Pot)