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[Hot Kasujiru on a Winter's Day]

When the wind is cold and the temperature is low, don't you suddenly feel like eating kasujiru?

Kasujiru is a soup made by simmering plenty of sake lees in a soup stock. It is a winter tradition with lots of ingredients such as daikon, carrots, konnyaku, fried tofu, and bamboo rings to warm up the body. Depending on the restaurant or family, pork or salmon is used, and there are many variations on how to make it.

Matsuyama Tokojo's Yukihira Pot #5 is a good size for making kasujiru for two people. The warm, pale yellow color of the pot goes well with the white of kasujiru. The red carrots that peek out from time to time are a lovely complement to the whitish ingredients of kasujiru. The smell of sake lees in the kitchen reminds us that winter has come again and that the seasons are always changing.

Matsuyama Tokojo's Yukihira Pot #5
Appi Urushi Studio's Owan #3.8

Kasujiru's Recipe