"Kigumi (wooden framework)" is the process of combining wood and wood without gaps using the properties of wood. Kigumi began in ancient times with the tying of logs with ropes and strings, and later developed into a technique of notching and combining wood.

Blessed with abundant forests, Japanese people have been familiar with wood for a long time, and have been using its techniques for a variety of purposes, from small objects used in daily life to furniture and even houses.

Stone arch structures are often seen, but the Kintaikyo Bridge (Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture), which replaces them with wood, is rare in the world. This is also a kigumi.

Why don't you visit various wooden buildings in Japan and feel the profound appeal of kigumi by witnessing the wisdom, ingenuity, and advanced techniques of kigumi craftsmen? If you do, please visit our showrooms, which are located in attractive architectural settings as well.

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Kintaikyo Bridge