[Tamagoyaki Made with Special Tools]

Tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelet) has been used as a type of sushi since the Edo period, and is now popular as a side dish for lunch boxes. The tamagoyaki that we are accustomed to eating is different depending on whether it is sweet tamagoyaki, tamagoyaki with soup stock, or the taste of the family passed down from region to region or generation to generation. Kanto style is made by folding the egg in half and cooking it thickly, while Kansai style is made by rolling the egg into thirds.

Nakamura Douki's Tamagoyaki Pan has tin baked on the inside to make the oil blend in easily, and have excellent antibacterial and thermal conductivity. FD Style's Frying Pan Tamagoyaki is made of iron and processed for easy cleaning, which has a thickness of 2mm, thicker than usual. Both of them can easily transfer heat evenly and cook an omelet that is fluffy all the way through.

FD Style's Frying Pan Tamagoyaki
Nakamura Douki's Tamagoyaki Pan