Oden warms you from the core and makes you miss it in this season.

It is a delicious one-pot dish, but when you want another dish to add color to your table, the greens with sesame paste comes in handy. Ichiyougama's Mortar is also beautiful as a bowl, so you can use it to dress boiled greens with sesame seeds and seasonings and serve them on the table.

Garland chrysanthemums, which are in season right now, are soft and delicious even when raw, so we recommend dressing them without boiling them. If you like, try adding some chili pepper or torn seaweed. It will be a perfect break from oden.

Kiya's Yakumiyose is useful for collecting the dressing batter in the mortar. The Yakumiyose is useful not only after grating daikon, but also after shaving yuzu peel or cheese, so once you get used to using it, it surely becomes a necessity.

Ichiyougama's Mortar
Kiya's Yakumiyose
Matsuyama Tokojo's Yukihira Pot
Tojiki Tonya's Oven Hiranabe