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[Miso Grilled Onigiri]

In the Tohoku region, miso is the standard seasoning for grilled onigiri. In a 2017 survey on the seasoning of grilled onigiri, more than 70% of the main seasoning used was soy sauce, with miso in the minority at 20%, and there were a few regions where the two were mixed. Grilled onigiri using miso are concentrated in the Tohoku region, and there seems to be a borderline between soy sauce and miso near the northern Kanto region.

Rikucho Ogasawara's recommended recipe is also a grilled onigiri using miso. Before grilling the onigiri, coat the Onigiri Iron Plate with oil and heat it thoroughly until it starts to smoke. After that, place the onigiri on a wet cloth to lower the temperature, so the onigiri will not stick to the plate. Please try these delicious grilled onigiri in the season of new rice.

Rikucho Ogasawara's Onigiri Iron Plate
https://www.shokunin.com/img/rikucho/onigiri/tukurikata.jpg (Recipe)