[Looking for New Ways to Eat Natto]

Natto is one of the national dishes of the Japanese people, but it is interesting to note that different people eat it in different ways. You can add green onions, use eggs, kimchi, chopped shiso leaves...

We think there are a number of patterns, but we were very surprised to find that the natto arrangement of our acquaintance from Tohoku region was something we had never heard of. It is a way of eating natto with sugar.

The fermentation of natto is difficult in Hokkaido and the Tohoku region, where the weather is very cold, because the growth of bacteria becomes active when the temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius, and the strings of natto become less elastic. It seems that one of the reasons for adding sugar was to compensate for such a situation.

We tried it at home and found that adding sugar made the yarn fluffier and firmer than usual. The taste is also slightly sweet and addictive. Why not change your usual toppings and try sugar and natto?

Natto Bowl and Sobachoko are just the right size for mixing natto and toppings. Try to make your own natto recipe with various vegetables and seasonings.

Seiryugama's Sobachoko
Sasayaka's Never Never Pack