If you look up at the sky, there are clouds that are unique to the season, like the the altostratus clouds in spring and towering thunderclouds in summer.

The cirrocumulus clouds, often seen in autumn when typhoons and mobile cyclones approach, is a symbolic cloud of the season. The autumn sky, with its sparse and thin expanse of countless small clouds, is called "sardine clouds" in Japan because it looks like a school of sardines.

Sardine clouds, which make you feel spacious when you look up at them, are sometimes used as a seasonal word in haiku. Since the clouds are so thin that you can see the blue sky behind them, it is said to be a suitable seasonal word with a sense of loneliness.

Nowadays, vegetables and fruits can be eaten almost all year round, regardless of the season, thanks to the development of agricultural technology, preservation techniques, and distribution systems. With the spread of air conditioners, it has also become easier to cope with the heat and cold. In today's world where we are losing our sense of seasonality, clouds create a natural landscape that purely represents the four seasons.

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