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Dashi is an essential part of the Japanese diet, and katsuo-dashi, made from dried bonito flakes, is the base of all Japanese dashi. Nowadays, dried bonito shavings and dashi for cooking are often already shaved and packaged, or powdered dashi ingredients are used, but until the 1960s, bonito shaver was a popular tool used in every home. In a typical bonito shaver, the plane, which is also a carpenter's tool, is fitted into the box, and the shaved katsuobushi is stored in the drawer.

Unlike conventional shaver, Daiya's Bonito Sharpener is compact with the drawer removed. The height is about half as low as the drawer type, which makes it easier to apply force while sitting, and also makes it easier to store and place within easy reach. Daiya's Bonito Sharpener is made to fit the modern lifestyle, allowing people to shave as much as they need and sprinkle it on the spot while eating, a new style that has never been seen before.

The box is made of bright and light beech, which is often used for Scandinavian furniture. The box, carved out of solid wood, is seamless and smooth, and has a beautiful shape that is comfortable to place on a dining table.

The plane that is important for the bonito shaver is made of high quality SK steel planer blade. By laminating two materials, carbon steel SK5 and ultra-soft iron, a planer blade with the contradictory properties of being easy to grind yet long-lasting and sharp, is created. The blade of the plane is carefully prepared by Daiya, whose main occupation since 1946 has been the manufacture of the wooden part of the plane, the plane stand, to produce a plane that cuts well.

Also, Daiya's Bonito Sharpener is shipped after being tested, so you can use them right away without having to adjust the plane.

In addition to the sharpener, we also have tools that can make your sharpening experience more comfortable, such as a wooden hammer for adjusting the plane, a brush for cleaning, and a wooden presser for safely shaving small pieces of dried bonito.

The flavor of bonito shavings is volatile and is rapidly lost in the air, so the more freshly shaved the better the flavor. For this reason, restaurants have long said, "shave the dried bonito flakes only after seeing the customer's face." How about tasting the exceptional freshly shaved dried bonito flakes at home?

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