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Hatogarashi (chili pepper leaf) is a type of chili pepper that is harvested with its leafy branches, which are then used together in cooking. Chili pepper itself is produced all over Japan, but it is probably only in the Kinki region, including Kyoto, that leafy chili pepper is harvested and shipped for food. Although the custom of eating chili pepper leaves is not very common in Japan, in Kyoto there has been a long tradition of calling this "kigosho" and eating it as an obanzai (side dish) in simmered dishes.

In Kyoto, a variety called "Fushimi chili pepper" is mainly harvested in the form of leafy chili pepper. It usually has a spicy image, but Fushimi chili pepper has no spiciness and has a unique sweetness. In addition, the leaves are tender and have a subtle flavor and a unique bitterness that harmonizes with the flavor of the chili peppers it is cooked with, making it very tasty.

From around the time of the Obon Festival to September, these peppers are sold in grocery stores, and are used for food such as tsukudani (food boiled in soy sauce) along with small fruits. Not only is it popular as an accompaniment to rice, but also as a snack for alcohol. Enjoy Kyoto's summer local cuisine at home using our tableware and cooking utensils.

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