Sushi, one of the most popular traditional dish in the world today, has many types other than the commonly known nigirizushi. Pressed sushi, in which the ingredients are placed in a mold along with the sushi rice and pressed together, is a traditional sushi of the Kansai region, which is also a local delicacy in many other parts of Japan and enjoyed by many people.

Osaka-style box sushi consists of two to four layers of sushi rice and ingredients, alike Iwakunizushi from Yamaguchi Prefecture, a very luxurious sushi with layers like a cake and many ingredients. Pressed sushi with only one type of ingredient on top, on the other hand, can be found all over the country, including "Anagozushi" in Kobe, "Hamozushi" in Kyoto, and "Sawarazushi" in Shikoku region.

Historically, pressed sushi in the Kansai region was not eaten immediately after it was made, but was often eaten after a long time, so more sugar was added to prevent the rice from drying out, one of the key differences from the Edomaezushi that was developed in Edo, the home of sushi. Kanazawa's pressed sushi, which is eaten on special occasions such as festivals and celebrations, is also eaten after being left to rest for a day or so and then gorgeously arranged on a Kutani ware platter.

Pressed sushi vary from region to region, with some using vegetables, dried foods, or pickled vegetables, and others using fan-shaped, flower-shaped, or icho-shaped molds. Our online store also offers a beautiful wooden square mold created by Yamaichi, so please enjoy the sushi that originated in Kansai at home using the traditional craft good.

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