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Frying pans made of iron have been used since ancient times for their ability to blend well with oil and to cook at high temperatures, making food more delicious. However, iron has an image of being difficult to handle because it rusts easily, is difficult to clean, sticks easily, and is heavy.

In recent years, frying pans with a fluoroplastics coating on the surface, such as aluminum, have become widely used. While these fluoroplastics-coated frying pans have the advantage of not sticking easily and being easy to clean, they also have the disadvantage of not being able to withstand long-term use. Fluoroplastics have a very low thermal conductivity of only 1/271 that of iron, which means that you will be cooking at a higher temperature than when you cook with iron pans. This is why fluoroplastics cannot withstand high temperatures and melt away.

FD Style's Frying Pan has been developed to overcome the shortcomings of iron through Oxynit processing that makes the pan resistant to rust, requires no baking, and is compatible with induction heating and gas fires.

The Oxynit processing creates a porous nitride layer on the surface of the iron by nitriding, and then forms an oxide film on the finely corrugated surface of the nitride layer, which makes the iron more compatible with oil and resistant to rust.

The frying pan's outer circumference is made with a spinning process, a technique that stretches and rounds the iron as if it were being spun on a potter's wheel, in order to reduce weight.

The handle is made of laminated bamboo, making it resistant to corrosion. The square shape also fits well in your hand.

This frying pan is perfect for people who want to incorporate the unique qualities of iron, but still want to handle it easily. Also, iron frying pans are highly durable and can be used continuously to acclimate to oil. They can also be nurtured through continuous use. When we think about the environment and our health, we want to use safe tools for a long time. Why don't we start with the frying pan, a tool indispensable for everyday cooking?

FD Style's Frying Pan