Saiho-ji Temple is an ancient temple founded by Gyoki in the Nara period, which was restored in 1339 by Musō Soseki, a master landscaper.

This temple is popularly known as the "Moss Temple (Koke-dera)" because of the beauty of about 120 species of moss that covers the precincts of the temple, just like a green carpet. The Shonan-tei Pavilion (Important Cultural Property), where Iwakura Tomomi lived in hiding at the end of the Edo period, is also a must-see.

The two-tiered garden, created by Soseki, which has been designated as a special place of scenic beauty, consists of the Karesansui (dry landscape) garden and the pond garden, latter of which surrounds the Golden Pond in the shape of a heart. This is also the garden that Ashikaga Yoshimasa used as a model when he built the famous Ginkaku-ji Temple. During the season of autumn leaves, the scenery created by the green of the moss and the red of the leaves is enchanting.

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Please note that advance registration is required to visit Saiho-ji Temple. Enjoy the luxury of admiring the moss garden in a small group.

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