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I've purchased the Onigiri Iron Plate the last day. Although I bought it for my mother's birthday, I really wanted to try using it, and so I began making various dishes with it. I'm enjoying searching recipes for radish cake and oyaki, and reading cookbooks to think of dishes that could be made using the iron plate. Of course, I'm enjoying cooking onigiris as well. I am also happy with its cute size, which allows me to quickly prepare cooked dishes and easily clean it. I never prepared dishes before, but now I do, though for a little, motivated by the will to use the iron plate, which I never thought it would happen. Vessels for daily use are truly amazing. Every time I use it, I become more attached to it. Thank you for offering me such a wonderful product. Though I've heard that the environment surrounding the craftsmen is currently severe, please continue transmitting wonderful products together with the crasftmen! I support you from my heart. Take care during this difficult time. Thank you very much.
N.N. in Gunma Prefecture

Ogasawara Rikucho's Onigiri Iron Plate