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In the Japanese lunar calendar, June is referred to as "Minazuki," but the term is also the name of a Japanese confectionery that is famous as an event food in Kyoto. On June 30th, just before the onset of summer, there is a custom in Kyoto to eat minazuki, a triangular uirou with sweetened azuki beans sprinkled on top.

This day is also called "Nagoshi-no-Harae," on which a shrine ritual ‘'Ooharae" is conducted to purge the sins and impurities that have accumulated over the past six months. Minazuki is served on this occasion as its triangular shape resembles ice to ward off the heat, and the red color of the red beans is meant to ward off evil spirits.

The most distinctive feature of minazuki is its beautiful appearance. The white, plump, and transparent cross-section is gorgeous. The uirou, or sweet rice jelly, which is the dough for minazuki, is made by steaming rice flour made from non-glutinous rice or refined rice flour mixed with wheat flour and sugar.

The best time to eat minazuki is from the day it is made to the next day. If you refrigerate it for a long time, it will become hard, so it is best to keep it at room temperature. When eating, please use our tableware and enjoy the Japanese culture.

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