Genko-an Temple in Takagamine, a place rich in nature, is a former temple of the Rinzai sect, founded in the Muromachi period by Zen master Tetto Gikou of Daitokuji Temple as a retreat, and which was rebuilt by Zen Master Manjisan Dohaku and became a Soto Zen temple.

The main hall of the temple enshrines Shakyamuni Buddha, flanked by two other deities, Anan and Kashya, as well as the Reishi Kannon (Goddess of Mercy). The "Bloody Ceiling" is said to be a relic of Fushimi Castle, a memorial to the souls who died in the fall of the castle.

The highlight of the main hall is the square window named "Window of Lostness" and the round window named "Window of Enlightenment." The former represents the "life of a human being," life, death, or painful emotions such as illness. The latter represents the mind of Zen and enlightenment, and the circle represents the universe, and it is said that by looking through it, one can open the world of enlightenment. It is said that these two windows can help you change into your true and pure self by asking yourself questions in front of the windows.

Many visitors come to the temple to view the scenery from its windows when the leaves are freshly green or changing colors. When you visit Kyoto, please visit the Genko-an Temple with the various walking goods we carry at our store.

Genko-an Temple
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