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Takada Kozo Shoten's Scrubbing Brush made of palm come in various forms that suit a wide range of users with various hand sizes and different situations.

The largish Scrubbing Brush L is recommended to people who use large frying pans and pots, and it could also be used as a body-scrubbing brush. Scrubbing Brush Nejiri is a unique but useful brush that could easily remove dirt stuck inside vessels such as cups without damaging it. Products with holes and grooves, such as bamboo baskets, which are difficult to be cleaned using normal sponges, can be washed using the Scrubbing Brush Hosome.

There are many other forms of scrubbing brushes offered by Takada Kozo Shoten other than the mentioned which are unique to each other and useful in different ways. Please check our website for more information.

Takada Kozo Shoten's Scrubbing Brush