Kuramadera Temple, the head temple of Kurama-Kokyo Sect, which is said to be the birthplace of the Tengu legend and which is also famous as the ascetic training temple of Ushiwakamaru, was founded by Gancho Shonin in 770. In the Heian period, the temple was worshipped as the guardian temple of the northern part of Kyoto.

At Kurama Temple, where Mt. Kurama itself is an object of worship, the Niomon gate is the boundary between the secular world and the pure world. The temple, rich in nature, is popular as a spiritual site in Kyoto. The "vajra floor" in front of the main shrine is a floor that resembles a star mandala, where the waves of heavenly energy, the cosmic energy, spread endlessly. It is said that if you stand in the center of the vajra floor, you will be able to feel its energy and become one with the Vajra Heaven, which is the universe itself.

Moreover, in the temple's Reihoden, various temple treasures are on display, including the national treasure statue of Bishamonten, as well as various flora and fauna of the mountain, minerals, and the belongings of Akiko Yosano. There are also the remains of Ushiwakamaru on the mountain path from behind the main shrine to the inner sanctuary.

In early summer, the temple grounds are surrounded by beautiful fresh greenery. There are still a few azaleas left to add some color as well, while the contrast between the red lanterns and the greenery is wonderful. Walking along an emotional path in the middle of nature while looking at the magnificent blue maple leaves is a fantastic experience.

When you visit Kuramadera Temple, please take the various walking goods we offer with you and enjoy climbing or strolling around in the fresh green season.

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