The Kamo River, which runs through the urban area of Kyoto, is a river that has nurtured the capital and Kyoto culture for a thousand years throughout its long history and is one of the most scenic attractions of Kyoto.

The 23km long river, which flows north and south through Kyoto City from its source near Sajikigadake to its confluence with the Katsura River, is loved by many people as a place of relaxation. At the confluence of Kamo River and Takano River, a delta is formed, which can be crossed by stepping stones placed in the river. To the north is the world heritage site of Shimogamo Shrine and the Tadasunomori forest.

The Kamo River used to be the eastern boundary of the capital in the Heian period. The name "Kamo" was used because the area was once the domain of the Kamo clan.

In the Edo period, many shows and playhouses were built, and in the summer, teahouses and restaurants set up alcoves as a place for "evening refreshment," which became the forerunner of noryo-yuka, which refers to a raised platform on the bank of Kamo River for enjoying the summer cool. It is a popular and unique feature of Kyoto, where you can enjoy Kyoto cuisine and a variety of other dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.

In 1872, the "Kamogawa Odori" was first performed by geiko and maiko from Pontocho, a flower town that ranks alongside Gion, and the stage is gorgeous, sophisticated, and beautiful. Kamo River is also known as the birthplace of Aguni Kabuki, and the Minamiza near the Shijo-Ohashi Bridge is one of the remaining theaters where the popular performance took place since 1603.

Thanks to the construction work that was done after the Kamo River flooded in the past, the river has been widened and the flow has been slowed down, which made the river beautiful and clean, and which turned it a habitat for the Japanese giant salamander, a special natural treasure, as well as black-headed gulls.

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