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"Netomeshi" is a recipe that originated on the Internet and became popular on SNS, sometimes triggering huge booms.

It is relatively easy to make, and it is not uncommon to find recipes with surprising ideas.

This time, we tried making "strawberry whiskey," which was previously talked about on Twitter and is perfect for this season.

The ingredients are strawberries, sugar and whiskey. It's very easy to make.

Step 1: Put 10-15 pre-frozen strawberries into a sterilized jar.

Step 2: Add enough whiskey and sugar to soak the strawberries (20g-30g).

Steo 3: Put them in the refrigerator for 5 days and they are ready to serve.

Gently shake the jar up and down from time to time to ensure that the sugar dissolves evenly.

It looks very beautiful and it will be fun to watch the color change gradually.

After about five days, the color of the strawberries will have transferred to the whiskey and become a beautiful pink color.

You can enjoy it as a strawberry highball with soda, or even with tea.

How about storing the strawberry whiskey in Wide-Mouthed Shiyakubin, which could prevent leakage if it is tipped over, and which is highly sealed?

A romantic strawberry-colored whiskey, a must try.

Koizumi Glass's Wide-Mouthed Shiyakubin (Reagent Bottle)