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Glass has an image of summer, but in Scandinavia it has long been used to bring in light in winter, creating brightness and warmth.

The original technique of Ryukyu glass was introduced by glass artisans from Nagasaki and Osaka in the mid-Meiji period. After the war, empty Coke and beer bottles discarded at American military bases were melted down to make recycled glass vessels, which is the beginning of glass products with a unique flavor.

Pelican Pitcher is a light blue color that symbolizes the Okuhara Glass works. Made from recycled window glass, the color of this lovely name shines beautifully when light hits it, and the unique chubby appearance and color give it a warm feeling.

The uniquely shaped mouth, shaped like a pelican's beak, acts as a stopper to hold the ice when pouring. This product is a symbol of Okuhara Glass's craftsmanship with both use and beauty.

Okuhara Glass's Pelican Pitcher
Okuhara Glass's Kop
Okinawa Mingu's Getto Coaster L
Pelican Pitcher's Production Video