The “Sanbi” area, which consists of Takao, Toganoo, and Makinoo areas, is one of the most popular autumn leaves viewing spots in Kyoto City. The panorama of the mountain villages surrounded by beautiful groves of Kitayama cedar trees and flame-like autumn leaves are simply impressive. The cedar trees are carefully grown by the local craftsmen, who apply advanced techniques to create straight and thin trees.

There reside famous temples and shrines. Jingo-ji Temple, a site strongly related to Kukai, has traditionally been known as one of the best autumn leaves viewing spot in Kyoto, especially the view from the stone steps in front of the main hall, from which you could look over the Kinunkyo gorge and the Kiyotakigawa river, and enjoy the “kawarake-nage (pottery throwing)” to ward off evil. At Saimyo-ji Temple, which was constructed as Jingo-ji Temple’s branch temple, you may enjoy walking through the tunnel of autumn leaves, which you will find after crossing the vermilion-colored, Shigetsukyo Bridge.

Furthermore, Arashiyama-Takao Park Way, which is a 10.7km long driveway from which you could view the beautiful nature surrounding the two areas, offers amusement parks, leisure facilities, flower parks, and observation platforms, as well as large parking lots in case you would like to take a walk.

Once you have pictured the panoramas, you may keep the photos in SyuRo’s container, Kakukan. The beautifully finished handicrafts are simple and fit in any users’ daily lives. You may put a fallen leaf you’ve found at Sanbi and recall the impressive landscape you’ve viewed there.

SyuRo’s Kakukan