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It is very important today to wash hands and gargle to prevent sickness during the winter and the spread of COVID-19. Thus, you may have to bring handkerchiefs with you when going out.

At Shokunin.com, we offer useful and beautiful handkerchiefs made in Japan.

Okai Mafu Shoten’s Handwoven Linen Handkerchief uses linen made in Tochigi Prefecture and is handwoven at Okai Mafu Shoten, a Nara-zarashi textile manufacturer founded in 1863. It comes in two colors, white and natural, and both the front and the back sides of the handkerchief can be used. Linen, compared to cotton, absorbs more water, dries more quickly, and endure usage over a long period, and thus, it is very useful.

Ao’s multi-colored handkerchiefs, which can be used by both men and women, are made of a single gauze that is fluffy and soft in texture. It comes in 6 colors and is recommended as gifts as well. Other than to wipe your hands, it may be used to pack lunch boxes or to decorate your room as well.

Both are high-quality, attractive handkerchiefs that are truly worth using. Please, by all means, try them out.

Okai Mafu Shoten's Handwoven Linen Handkerchief
Ao's Colored Handkerchief