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Biriyani is a dish served in India and its neighboring countries, and it refers to rice cooked with spices and meat. It is also counted as one of world’s three cooked rice, along with paella and matsutake rice. In India, biriyani is not only a festive meal served at Hindu and Muslim weddings, but it is also served on a daily basis at stalls, and it is widely cherished as a national food.

The main spices and ingredients used in biryani are cumin, coriander, turmeric, and cinnamon, with which chicken, mutton, beef, seafood, or vegetables is used. Biriyani is usually served with yogurt, which softens the taste of biriyani. You may serve onions and limes along as well.

There are mainly three ways to make biriyani, which are: pakki, kacchi, and Hindu style. “Pakki” means “cooked” in Hindi, and most biriyani are made in this style. Pakki biriyani are prepared by creating several layers of rice and gravy, and steaming altogether. Kacchi means “raw” in Hindi, and it is a style applied in Hyderabad, a city famous for biriyani. It is made by marinating meat with spice and yogurt, leaving it for a night, and then putting it on fire for an hour with half-cooked rice on top of it. The Hindu style is mainly applied in Tamil Nadu, South India and it is prepared by adding washed rice to a watery gravy and cooking it up together, a method similar to that of Japanese cooked rice.

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