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“Chushu no Meigetsu,” also known as the date of harvest moon, refers to August 15th in the old calendar and it is when Japanese people view the clear and beautiful full moon in the night sky.

Such custom is practiced to thank the autumn harvest, which is why households eat or place food offerings associated with the moon or with the autumn season.

Tsukimi dango is the most common food offered on this day, a food with Chinese origin, which has long been cherished as its shape resembles that of the moon. Taro and sweet potato are also popular offerings, so much that chushu no meigetsu is also known as the imo (potato) meigetsu. Further, water and sake are also cherished as offerings.

It is known that by eating and drinking these offerings, one can receive power and benefit from the moon and God.

This year’s chushu no meigetsu was on October 1st. Japanese people will do moon-viewing on October 29th, the thirteenth night, as well. Next year’s chushu no meigetsu will take place on September 21st.

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