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"Kenuki" in Japanese refers to tweezers specific to plucking facial and body hairs, which, compared to normal tweezers, has a wide and flat tip.

The history of hair removal in Japan began in the Heian period. During this time, women plucked and arranged their eyebrows to create what was known as the "hikimayu," a trend that lasted until the Edo period. Famous literature including "Makura No Soshi," and "Genji Monogatari," referred to the action of hair removal, while there are ukiyo-e drawn during the Edo period that depicts people using kenukis. The traditional tool has been cherished by Japanese, even after depilatory cream and permanent hair remover were invented in the Edo and Meiji periods.

Kiya's Tweezers and Sharp Tweezers are kenukis made of stainless steel, both of which have finely adjusted edges and come in Danjuro gift boxes. The latter tweezers are useful when conducting detailed works, such as the treatment of turned-in eyelashes. The gift box is associated with the Kabuki actor Danjuro Ichikawa, a name that has been inherited by the members of the Ichikawa family since 1675. Colors and patterns on the gift box beautifully represent the taste of the classical Japanese dance-drama, with which you may present the tweezers to your dearest family members or friends.

We recommend you to experience the fine and delicate touch of Kiya's kenuki.

Kiya's Kenuki (Tweezers)