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Ochazuke, which is defined as boiled rice with tea, is a dish cherished by Japanese for a long time.

The original form of ochazuke was founded during the Heian period, as literature written in this period of time refers to dishes called “suihan (water rice)” and “yuzuke (rice with hot water),” which are known to be the origin of ochazuke. Today’s ochazuke comes into presence at the end of the Muromachi period when tea was first introduced to Japan. It soon permeated into people’s daily lives, as “sayings” related to ochazuke were made among households, which were used to figuratively speak about “simple” and “common” things. During the Edo period, the dish was served at dinner in Edo (Tokyo), while it was served at breakfast in the Kansai area (Kyoto and Osaka).

Today, although ochazuke usually refers to rice with tea, in addition to umeboshi, takuwan, and/or seaweed, the dish is enjoyed in combination with various fishes and Japanese pickles as well. In fact, not only is its simplicity and convenience its only characteristics, but the many choices of ingredients one could add to the dish is another attraction of ochazuke. Flying fish, skipjack, barracuda, mackerel, salmon, and sea bream are some choices to pick from.

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