Uji tea (Uji-cha) is a world-renowned brand that has a history of 800 years and is deeply linked to the traditional industries and culture of Kyoto, and truly a treasure of Japan.

Some people may find it surprising, but Uji matcha is not a “bitter” tea. Since it does not contain astringent ingredients, it has a relatively mellow taste. The tea leaves are rich in healthy ingredients such as dietary fiber and vitamin A. If we take the style of brewing tea, those ingredients would remain in the residual tea leaves. Matcha, however, does not leave any of the ingredients in the used tea leaves, allowing those served to take all nutrients.

Uji matcha is served not only as tea but also as ingredients for various dishes, including parfait, shaved ice, soba, soft cream, and bread. These dishes have produced different tastes by adding the flavor of matcha.

When you visit Kyoto, we recommend you experience the history, characteristics, and food culture that are unique to Uji by actually tasting the Uji matcha in Uji. You may also be interested in some of our tea-related goods that would enable you to enjoy Uji matcha at home as well.

The Culture and History of Uji Tea