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[Enamel Measuring Spoon]

Tsubame series has been produced at a long-established enamel maker in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture.

Enamel refers to an object that is covered by a decorative glass-like substance. It hardly smells as it is rarely influenced by metals, and since its quality of taste doesn't change, users could enjoy original smells and tastes.

Further, this enamel product uses stainless steel instead of general steels. Making use of its rust-resistant characteristic, and by directly applying enamel without using any rust inhibitor, the products are made to be thin and have a light finish. Enamel products that utilize stainless steel are considered as rare products because of the difficulty of its manufacturing method, as it requires fineness and minuteness until the finishing procedure.

Each enamel product is manually made by craftsmen. The products are slightly different in designs, and thus, are one and only enamel products that are truly profound in nature.