[Kurikawa Shoten's Shibu Uchiwa]

The production of Kutami Uchiwa began in 1600. A traveling priest from Marugame City, a city famous for "uchiwa", initiated people in Kutami City into the production method of "uchiwa", in return for letting him stay a night at the city.

The uchiwa is coated with persimmon tannin, which makes its Japanese traditional paper (washi) strong and long-lasting, while also having an effect of insect proofing. Shibu Uchiwa can only be produced by Kutami, a word that means "people come", and thus, believed to lead people to have thriving businesses, which is why their uchiwa served as a lucky charm and often used as gifts.

Kurikawa Shoten is the only workshop that inherits the tradition of Kutami City, a city that is counted one of the three greatest production areas of uchiwa in Japan, other than Kyoto and Marugame City.