April 2023

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[Ueno Building]

Our Wakamatsu Showroom is located in the Ueno Building, which has such a wonderful space that once you step inside, it is as if you have stepped back in time. In this issue, we would like to introduce you to the Ueno Building.

Built in 1913, the Ueno Building has been used as a filming location for movies, TV dramas, and commercials. With its historic wooden floors, beautifully designed railings, and stained glass ceiling that glistens in the sunlight, you will want to point your camera at it with every step you take.

In addition to our showroom, the Ueno Building houses several other stores. There is a popular café where you can enjoy a meal while overlooking the ocean, and a select store with carefully chosen clothes, bags, and shoes. We invite you to visit these unique and wonderful stores.

The Wakamatsu Showroom is located on the third floor of the building. The view from the showroom window is very popular with our customers and is a favorite of all our staff. Please sit on a bench by the window and relax and enjoy the view of the Wakato Ohashi Bridge and the ships passing by in Dokai Bay.

Many visitors come to the Ueno Building to enjoy the retro architecture, cameras as much as they like, and enjoy the historical value of the building as much as possible for free. Wakamatsu Minami Kaigan Dori offers many ways to enjoy the area, such as sitting on a seaside bench feeling the sea breeze and admiring the scenery, or bringing a packed lunch and enjoying a slightly different lunch time. Please feel free to visit us.

Wakamatsu Showroom




Ceramic Japan's New Crinkle Super Bag is often a surprise in the showroom. Faithfully molded from the natural folds and creases of paper, Crinkle looks like a real paper bag, yet has a beautiful, weighty presence. It may be used as a flower vase, to hold kitchen tools or stationery, or to display as an objet d'art.

Currently, you can see the actual product at our four showrooms, excluding the Ginza showroom. Please take a look and feel the weight of the product.

Ceramic Japan's New Crinkle Super Bag
Showroom Information (The online store and Imadegawa Showroom are closed from April 29th to May 7th)






It is the time of year when we see May dolls, Kabuto decorations, carp streamers, and other decorations for Children's Day on May 5. Families with boys, in particular, often prepare gorgeous dishes for the celebration. At that time, "chimaki" and "kashiwa-mochi" are eaten to ward off bad luck and bring prosperity to offspring. However, in Hokkaido, where Otaru Showroom is located, and in some parts of the Tohoku region, there is a custom to eat "beko-mochi" in addition to these foods.

There are some differences in appearance between beko-mochi in Hokkaido and those in the Tohoku region, but the standard beko-mochi in Hokkaido is leaf-shaped and comes in two colors, brown and white. The brown part is made with brown sugar, and the difference in taste between the white and brown parts can be enjoyed.

The origin of the name beko-mochi is not known for sure, but some say that it comes from "beko," meaning cow, because the two colors of brown (black) and white resemble the pattern of a cow, or that it was called "bekko-mochi" because the brown part was compared to the color of "bekko," or "beko-mochi," meaning rice cake made from rice flour (beiko). There are various theories as to the origin of the rice cake. There are various theories as to its origin, but it is thought that the "kujira-mochi," a rice cake from Yamagata and Aomori prefectures, changed its shape and name to "beko-mochi" in Hokkaido, and spread. This is a strong theory, as there are still areas in southern Hokkaido where the name kujira-mochi is still used.

Beko-mochi is sold on Children's Day alongside "kashiwa-mochi," but it is also a standard Japanese confectionery found in the wagashi corners of supermarkets and convenience stores all year round. It is also a popular specialty of Hokkaido, boasting strong popularity as a teacake that goes well with a cup of hot tea.

Otaru Showroom