April 2022




[Grated Tomato Somen Noodles]

Bright red tomatoes are a colorful vegetable that catches the eye in a corner of the supermarket. Tomatoes, which are susceptible to high temperatures and humidity, are said to be in their "season of flavor" from spring to early summer, when cool temperatures, moderate humidity, and strong sunlight are all favorable conditions.

How about grating such seasonal tomatoes raw and eating them with somen noodles, another versatile food that will be in season from now on? Choose tomatoes that are slightly firm, so they are easier to scrape and grate, and the fresh, popping tomato aroma will stimulate your appetite. Add olive oil, garlic, salt, sugar, and black pepper to the grated tomatoes, season to taste, refrigerate, then ice the cooked somen noodles and toss them in the cold tomato sauce. Toppings include finely chopped basil and black pepper. Both are excellent with tomatoes.

Oya Seisakusho's Copper Grater used to grate the tomatoes has irregular blades due to human handwork, which allows users to smoothly grind the tomato. The colors are vibrant, the flavors are alive, and the texture is exquisite.

Oya Seisakusho's Copper Grater
Otera Kohachiro Shoten's Kanamari M

https://oliveoillife.jp/recipe/6269/ (Recipe)





[Nikko's Sori Yanagi Bone China]

Bone china is a type of porcelain invented in London around the 18th century, characterized by its milky white color and smooth texture. The name "bone china" came from the fact that it was made by mixing cattle bone ash with clay as a substitute for the white clay used in Chinese porcelain, which was difficult to obtain in England at the time. Wedgwood and Noritake are also included in bone china. Because it is stronger than ordinary porcelain, it can be made thin and translucent.

Sori Yanagi created the Matsumura Ironstone China Series of white ceramics around 1948. White pottery and porcelain without patterns, which are now widely accepted, were perhaps too novel for the people of the time and were unpopular. The N Pot is a design introduced by Mr. Yanagi in 1952. The N series, with its graceful simplicity and sophisticated design, was featured in newspapers and magazines, and has become very popular.

He created something ahead of its time when the word "design" was still unknown in Japan. The pot holds 1100cc and the creamer holds a generous 380cc. The lovely, plump form and the way the light passes through the surface, which is unique to bone china, are beautiful and enjoyable just by looking at it.

Nikko's Sori Yanagi Bone China (Please understand when it is sold out by the time difference because there are only a few left)



[Strawberry Chandelier]

Ozawa Yogashiten has had a store in Hongo for 50 years.

Strawberry Chandelier is named after the appearance of strawberries covered with a hat of whipped cream, repeatedly dipped in chocolate, and combined with a cookie dough rich in butter and eggs, which looks like a chandelier.

They come in three sizes: small, large, and extra-large, and we tend to buy more than one kind. The strawberries inside are very juicy and tasty, and the appearance is lovely, making this a small but relaxing sweet to enjoy.

In addition to Strawberry Chandelier, the store also sells cakes, cream puffs, eclairs, and baked goods, making it a place you will want to return to again and again.

Bunkyo-ku, where Ozawa Yogashiten is located, was home to many samurai residences in the Edo period, and the Yushima and Hongo areas, which are along the main road, the Nakasendo road leading to the Itabashi Inn, and the Hakusan and Nezu areas, which were temple and shrine gate towns, were lined with stores and developed a variety of commerce, and many stores selling delicious food can still be found there. Nearby are Yushima Tenmangu Shrine, a curry store that is a popular coffee shop for Todai students, and an apple pie store that has so many fans throughout Japan. It's a great area for a walk.

Ozawa Yogashiten is only a 20-minute train ride from our Ginza Showroom, so why not visit it as well?

Ozawa Yogashiten
Ginza Showroom (Open from 9:00-18:00 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday)