November 2021





Oden warms you from the core and makes you miss it in this season.

It is a delicious one-pot dish, but when you want another dish to add color to your table, the greens with sesame paste comes in handy. Ichiyougama's Mortar is also beautiful as a bowl, so you can use it to dress boiled greens with sesame seeds and seasonings and serve them on the table.

Garland chrysanthemums, which are in season right now, are soft and delicious even when raw, so we recommend dressing them without boiling them. If you like, try adding some chili pepper or torn seaweed. It will be a perfect break from oden.

Kiya's Yakumiyose is useful for collecting the dressing batter in the mortar. The Yakumiyose is useful not only after grating daikon, but also after shaving yuzu peel or cheese, so once you get used to using it, it surely becomes a necessity.

Ichiyougama's Mortar 
Kiya's Yakumiyose 
Matsuyama Tokojo's Yukihira Pot 
Tojiki Tonya's Oven Hiranabe 

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[Warm up with Spiced Chai]

When we feel cold, we crave for something warm. Chai, made with whole spices dried in their original form, makes us feel warm from the core even after drinking.

To make it, crush your favorite whole spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and peppercorns, then boil them with water and tea leaves, then add milk and cook further. If possible, crush fresh ginger and add it as well.

In addition to cow's milk, there is soy milk, and more recently, almond milk and oats milk. The soy milk tends to separate easily, so you can heat it separately and mix it in at the end.

For sweetness, we recommend brown sugar, but you can use honey, maple syrup, or whatever you like. If you remove the tea leaves and make it into spiced milk, it will be decaffeinated and perfect before bed. Spiced milk is an Indian Ayurvedic drink, and they also add refined butter called ghee.

Serve it in your favorite mouth-watering cup. We wish you a warm time with spiced chai.

Matsuyama Tokojo's Atatamenabe L 
Kiya's Bamboo Tea Strainer 
Ceramic Japan's Moderato Mug 





[Autumn Leaf Viewing with Bento]

The word "gari" in "momiji-gari (autumn leaf viewing)" comes from the word "kari (hunting)", which was widely used to describe the action of "going into the fields and mountains to search for the blessings of the season." Just as the word is used in words such as "shiohi-gari (shell clamming)" and "kinoko-gari (mushroom picking)," "autumn leaf viewing" is another example. In the Utsuho Monogatari (Tales of Utsuho), written in the Heian period, the term "sakura-gari (cherry blossom hunting)" appears. It represents the aristocracy going to the mountains to appreciate the cherry blossoms that live there.

Recently, more and more people are spending their vacations relaxing in nature-rich places to relieve the stress of staying at home during the corona pandemic. How about using Kurikyu's Magewappa Lunch Box or Matsuya Shikkiten's Shirakinuri Lunch Box as a companion when enjoying outdoor activities such as autumn leaf viewing? The taste of autumn along with the beauty of the nature will be very special.

Kurikyu's Magewappa Lunch Box (Unpainted) 
Matsuya Shikkiten's Shirakinuri Lunch Box