February 2021

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[New Item] Daiya's Daiya-Style Wooden Presser has been added.

A tool to safely shave small dried bonito flakes. Press the rubber part against the small dried bonito flakes to shave. The silicone rubber is loosely curved as to firmly grip the dried bonito flakes. Grip the end of the Wooden Presser with both hands to safely shave.

Daiya's Daiya-Style Wooden Presser

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[New Item] Azmaya's Cutting Board has been added.

A single-plate cutting board made from solid wood of high-quality Kiso hinoki that is more than 200 years old. The growth rings are dense and the wood is resilient, and thus, it doesn’t damage the knife and can be used for many years with care.

Azmaya's Cutting Board