December 2020

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Vessels by Hasami are colorful and unique in design. They are toy-like and somewhat nostalgic in appearance, while they could easily be stored by stacking them. The charming mugs, plates, and bowls could serve a wide variety of users, from children to the elderly. The monotone containers could serve various dishes of different cuisines as well, both western and Japanese. Hasami’s Toy Gratin is especially attractive as it comes in four different sizes and can be beautifully stacked taking few or no additional space. We really recommend these convenient vessels so please have a try.

Hasami’s Block Mug
Hasami’s Plate
Hasami’s Block Bowl Mini
Hasami’s Toy Gratin

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With Okubo House Mokkosha’s Cooking Spoon, you may prepare and serve salads with various seasonal ingredients, on which you may try putting different kinds of dressings using Hakusan Porcelain and Azmaya’s dispensers. Enjoy the autumn tastes to the fullest by serving them on Okubo House Mokkosha’s Bread Plate or Sonobe Sangyo’s newly added Pomme Oak 21, both of which are refined wooden plate and bowl that are manually made by craftsmen.

For instance, you may mix autumn eggplants with tomatoes on frying pans or serve fruity salads with persimmon, lotus roots, potherb mustard, and walnut using the wooden cooking spoon. Soy sauce-flavored dressing would match with the former, while you may put strawberry jam dressing on the latter, which you may serve using Hakusan Porcelain’s G-Type soy sauce dispenser or Azmaya’s clean cruet. Salads combining sweet potatoes and apples are delicious as well, on which you may put cream cheese dressing. We also recommend salads with autumn salmons and pacific saucy combined with crispy winter vegetables.

Try incorporating the various Japanese craft goods offered at to experience the delicious autumn ingredients and dishes along with Japanese craftsmanship.

Okubo House Mokkosha's Cooking Spoon
Okubo House Mokkosha's Bread Plate
Hakusan Porcelain’s Soy Sauce Dispenser
Azmaya's Soy Sauce Dispenser and Vinegar Dispenser
Sonobe Sangyo’s Pomme Oak 21



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Shirahama Onsen is one of the most famous tourist spots in the Kansai region. The resort area with beaches and hot springs is located on the southern side of Wakayama Prefecture, also referred to as Nanki Shirahama.

Shirahama Onsen is a historical hot spring with 1300 years of history, which is counted as one of the Three Ancient Springs in Japan along with Arima Onsen and Dougo Onsen. Historical figures including Empress Kōgyoku, Emperor Tenji, and Emperor Mommu have visited the site. Visitors may move around six open-air baths and nine foot-baths within the area, some of which you may enter in swimsuit directly after sea bathing, and many of which offer you amazing sceneries.

Not only are the hot springs historical, but their quality is highly regarded as well. The various hot springs have various health effects. For instance, the Muro-no-yu, the oldest hot spring in Shirahama, is said to relieve muscle pain, joint pain, and frozen shoulder, while Shirasuna is said to relieve cuts, sensitivity to cold, and dermatitis.

Visitors may also enjoy marine sports, visit the nearby theme park, and taste the delicious local cuisine with fresh seafood. The Shirarahama beach is located at the center of Shirahama Onsen, a 620-meter-long beach with white sand and transparent water, together forming a beautiful scenery. At the theme park, Adventure World, visitors of all ages can enjoy watching land and sea animals. Visitors may also enjoy eating the popular longtooth grouper for dinner, along with seasonal seafood.

The area is nice and cool during the summer season, and relatively warm during the winter season, and it is easily accessible by car and train. If you would like to visit Shirahama Onsen, you may consider bringing Ao’s Stereoscopic Weaving Towel and Siwa’s Coin Purses with you, stylish and functional goods that would surely support your trip.

Ao’s Stereoscopic Weaving Towel
Siwa’s Coin Purse