November 2020


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The temperature here in Kyoto has dropped significantly since the beginning of November and wintry winds are sweeping through machiyas. Weather changes and sudden drop in temperatures increase our risk for infections as flu viruses survive longer and spread faster in the cold seasons.

Aside from washing your hands, gargling water, and taking flu vaccines, it is important to stay warm in and out of the home. You may bring hot beverages with you in a thermos, prepare yutanpo at home, or wear scarves to warm your neck. In that case, MokuNeji’s Bottle, Ceramic Japan’s yutanpÖ, or Ao’s Okurumi Stole may attract you. Please take a look at them on our homepage.

MokuNeji’s Bottle
Ceramic Japan's yutanpÖ
Ao's Okurumi Stole