September 2020


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The various Banko ware produced by Tojiki Tonya is simple and modern in form, and very useful.

The series effectively expresses Banko ware’s high heat-retaining ability and Tojiki Tonya’s unique design. The various utensils that the series offers allow users to serve oven cooking, open-fire dishes, and microwave dishes.

The human warmth that the manually-created vessels convey is attractive and unique, and we recommend you experience the traditional features that they express.


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Glocal Standard Products aims to provide standard products that are fair and everlasting, and Kop shows the brand’s positive attitude.

Though its form resembles a paper cup, it is reusable unlike the usual paper cup as it is made of wood. It is made by applying the thin-sawing technologies in Yamanaka, Ishikawa Prefecture, and its thinness and lightness surely amazes anyone.

The simple cup allows you to serve various kinds of beverages, from coffee to soft drinks. We recommend this environmentally-friendly product by all means, also as gifts.






Kakigori, shaved ice with flavored syrup, is widely loved by Japanese especially during the summer season.

The tasteless and odorless ice combined with colorful and sweet syrups attracts people of different ages and from varying regions in Japan.

It doesn’t feel as heavy as ice creams despite its size, it provides people with coolness during the hot and humid summer, and it is also photogenic or “instagrammable” as young people say.

Today, however, kakigori is no longer viewed as a summer tradition. Many stores provide kakigori with seasonal flavors. Syrups with flavors of fresh fruits are offered during summer, while kakigori using dairy products are popular during the fall and winter seasons. Flavors of tiramisu and roast sweet potato are also offered during the cold seasons, making kakigori an attractive dish even after the summer vacation.

Fresco’s Kasumi Bowl and Hasami’s Block Bowl are some of the vessels offered at that would be suitable to suit kakigori at home. Please consider these simple, refined products together as well.

Fresco’s Kasumi Bowl
Hasami’s Block Bowl