February 2020

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Rice has long been Japan’s traditional staple food. Onigiri is a dish that pressure-forms rice in shapes of either triangle, rectangular rounds, or sphere. Onigiri has traditionally being cherished as a packed meal, and it has high heat-retaining ability.

Today, not only is onigiri served as emergency provisions, however, it is also sold at convenience stores, supermarkets, and izakaya (Japanese style pub) as a regular diet. Onigiri is also wide in variety. Onigiris are usually differentiated according to the content, and some of the most popular ingredients include salmon, plum, tuna, kombu, and mentaiko.

Further, onigiri has now been globally known as well, as there exist many stores selling onigiris abroad. The city of Kyoto is also home to many famous, old-established onigiri stores, and so we strongly recommend you to visit.
https://www.shokunin.com/en/kurikyu/mutosou.html (Lunch Box)
https://www.shokunin.com/en/rikucho/onigiri.html (Onigiri Iron Plate)

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[Matsuya Shikkiten's Shirakinuri Lunch Boxes]

Matsuya Shikkiten produces and distributes Echizen Lacquerware since 1905, lacquerware with 1500 years of tradition.

Original goods of "Shirakinuri," born in 2002, are coated with paint that maximizes the grain of shiraki (plain wood) and finished with a transparent, low-gloss urethane coating. One of their features is their natural texture, as they produce a feeling of material similar to the state of shiraki (plain wood).

An interiorly vermilion-lacquered version of this good was used in the movie "Megane."

It's a nest of boxes playing a very active part in events such as home parties, sports days, picnics, and cherry-blossom viewing parties. It could, of course, be used for Japanese traditional New Year's dishes as well. The simple and beautiful nest of boxes matches any kind of dish and useful in every kind of situation. They are easy to be cared for and maintained, as fried foods can be put as well.