December 2019

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[Restocked] Appi Urushi Studio's Owan 3.8

The lovely and smallish-looking Owan 3.8 is a standard product of Appi Urushi Studio, popular with women and children as it is easy to hold even for users with relatively small hands. Since it has more volume than it looks, with stable and handy shape, Owan 3.8 is recommended as your first lacquered bowl. It is a vessel that anyone from adults to children can use. Its shape is also the favorite of the representative of Appi Urushi Studio. Our staffs love it and use it habitually as well.





[Kikkougama's Broad Bean Chopstick Rest]

Founded in 1801 to 1804 in Juso, Osaka Prefecture, after learning pottery making from masters at Kyo ware. The kiln name Kikkougama was granted by the eleventh generation of Tokugawa Shogun family, who were pleased by their luncheon basket of turtle and associated the kiln name with Kikkou (turtle shell).

Kikkou ware is the only pottery remaining today in Osaka, and 30 items produced by the Kikkougama are stored at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

The chopstick rest in a delicious-looking form of a broad bean was made by firstly molding it using originally assorted soil, a soil that contains coal bed; secondly biscuit firing, and lastly hand painting the glaze and the colored clay using a brush. Since they are burned by first creating the basis using the same soil, the base is colored as well. The potteries are different in texture, and thus, the chopstick rests are truly enchanting.

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Japanese handworks truly convey the spirit and history unique to this land. The precise and functional, yet beautiful and refined products reflect the Japanese delicacy. The customs and traditions that inherited the various techniques for crafting reflect the long history of Japan.

Teshigoto Forum’s Japanese Handwork Calendar features such Japanese handworks depicting them with a simple, beautiful, and warm art style. You may feel connected to the Japanese unique culture throughout the year, while the design would surely beautify your everyday life. Further, the cover depicts the new year’s zodiac, another traditional element in Japan.

The calendar rich in Japanese content would truly be a wonderful good to start your new year.