September 2019

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We've had fine noodles with deep-fried eggplant and myoga using Seiryugama's bowl. It's in a size just right for one woman. We'll have a side dish served with this bowl next time.

Seriyugama's teacup is small, cute, and truly beautiful. We will continue cherishing it.

There still are few stocks left so please, by all means, consider them. (Bowl) (Teacup)





Books that made me laugh, books that made me cry, books that change my life, I've encountered many kinds of books. I will be encountering many kinds of books in the future, too.

Each encounter with a book is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We want to cherish our encounters with books, as much as the encounters with people.

There is an exceptional book cover for people cherishing books with that kind of thoughts.

Made semi-custom and you can order your book cover by selecting the fabric you like. Please feel the actual product that utilized tie-dye fabric and particular about natural materials.