October 2018





[Iwachu - Pro Arte Series from Japan]

Nambu ironware has a 400-year history. Especially, Iwachu is widely spread in abroad, and is truly the leading brand in Nambu ironware.

One of the greatest points of Nambu ironware is that it is made of iron. As iron would melt during cooking, it could boost users' iron intake.

Further, the Pro Arte series, which are beautiful and practical cooking tools developed in cooperation with Finland's Mr. Tauno Tarna, aimed to produce a Nambu ironware that fits into the Europeans' lifestyle.

The cooking tools could be widely used, not only at home, but also in hotels and restaurants.

The more they are used, the more they turn into glossy black and the more the surfaces turn smooth. They would truly become lifelong products.

Would you like to have a more delicious and healthy dinner, boosting iron intake by cooking meats, fishes, and vegetables using Nambu ironware?

Not only do everyday dishes become more enjoying, however, guests would certainly be surprised and delighted with dishes cooked using Nambu ironware.