"A completely new Otani Yaki, born from the oldest kiln."

Oasa town in Tokushima prefecture is blessed with nature and gently colored with rural scenery. It is the village of Otani Yaki which developed as a famous indigenous product of Tokushima as well as developed as a will to acquire large ceramics such as garden and water lily pot.

Sueki Ceramics was born from a kiln with the oldest history among Otani Yaki, which has a history of more than 230 years. Simple and beautiful ceramics have been featured in dozens of medias since 2012, and they are also used in the popular chocolate shop from America.

Using porcelain soil that can be tightened hard, stuck to moderate thickness, realized durability for a long time. At the bottom of the red clay, Sueki 's logo is engraved by hand.

Using materials such as red clay in Otani and pumice in Awa, Sueki Ceramics was made by more than 20,000 tests. Please try the beautiful colors and textures of Sueki Ceramics.

https://www.shokunin.com/en/sueki/bowl.html (bowl)
https://www.shokunin.com/en/sueki/plate.html (plate)
https://www.shokunin.com/en/sueki/squareplate.html (square plate)
https://www.shokunin.com/en/sueki/mugcup.html (mug cup)
https://www.shokunin.com/en/sueki/cup.html (cup)
https://www.shokunin.com/en/rinn/catwaterbowl.html (cat water bowl)