[Healthy Every Day With Natto]

Natto is one of the most popular Japanese breakfast foods. Many Japanese eat it every day for good health.

Natto has been a staple breakfast for the common people since the Edo period. The availability of cheap soy sauce is said to have played a role in its popularization.

Natto contains five major nutrients that are essential for us to maintain good health. In addition, it is rich in dietary fiber, which is known as the sixth nutrient, making it a food that contributes to a well-balanced diet. The rainy season is over and summer is just around the corner. Let's eat natto to stay healthy and avoid summer fatigue.

Yamatada Katoen's Natto Bowls are available in three colors. With a bowl for natto, you will surely enjoy your breakfast even more. It has a spout and is deep, so it can be used as a dressing container or a sipper as well.

Yamatada Katoen's Natto Bowl
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[Beer and Edamame in Summer]

It's hot and humid every day, and we assume that many people are looking forward to a beer after work as we work hard every day.

When it comes to summer beer snacks, edamame is a classic snack that ranks high on the list. Edamame can be prepared quickly by simply boiling.

The edamame is then placed in Nishikawanobori Takezaiku's Ashitsukizaru, sprinkled with salt, and served on the table, making it look cool, summery, and even more delicious. How about a drink while watching the Olympics?

In Niigata Prefecture, where the area of edamame cultivation is the largest in Japan, a colander full of edamame is said to be served at home for dinner. Please take a look at the Ashitsukizaru and beer cups as a set.

Products of Nishikawanobori Takezaiku are not expected to be restocked. Please consider it as soon as possible.

Nishikawanobori Takezaiku's Ashitsukizaru
Ichiyougama's Beer Cup 
Nousaku's Beer Cup


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[For a Holiday Lunch]

There are many different ways to eat udon in Kagawa Prefecture, but the one we often ate at our parents' house during this season was salad udon. This quick and easy dish of udon noodles in cold water, lettuce, tuna mayo, and mentsuyu is especially good for lunch on weekends. It also goes well with seaweed, dried bonito flakes, and summer vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers on top.

Kanamari is the perfect bowl because it keeps cold udon noodles cold until the very end. In the coming hot season, you can eat it refreshingly even when you have no appetite.

Otera Kohachiro Shoten's Kanamari M
Seiryugama's Bowl