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Hatsuri Guinomi, manufactured by Watanabe Mokkogei, expresses the unique beauty of wooden handicrafts, which are simple in appearance, gentle in touch, and useful.

The round and cute Hatsuri Guinomi is easy-to-hold and stable. Users may enjoy the changes in color as they view the guinomi from different angles. A product we recommend as a gift as well.

The unpainted Chabon made of zelkova not only could serve teapots and teacups, but beer cups, plates, and various other vessels. Users may enjoy the secular change of their physical features.

Both the Guinomi and Chabon allow users to feel nature through vision and touch. True masterpieces.

Watanabe Mokkogei’s Hatsuri Guinomi
Watanabe Mokkogei’s Chabon

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Apple, sardine, pacific saucy, matsutake mushroom, and sweet potato are some of the many ingredients that are considered Japanese autumn features. With the Kokiridashi, you may grill and enjoy the autumn taste at home.

Kokiridashi offers a portable cooking stove with which users could do “small charcoal grilling” anywhere and at any time.

You may broil sardine and pacific saucy in foil along with matsutake mushrooms and tomatoes, prepare yakitori together with sweet potatoes, grill chestnut rice balls, or bake apples and bananas for dessert, all of which are perfect nibbles for drinks. Kokiridashi would enhance your everyday drinking at home.

With the eco bag that comes with Kokiridashi Trial Set, you may bring your Kokiridashi to campsites or other outside facilities, and enjoy some snacks right at the spot. You may enjoy autumn tastes while listening to the calls of crickets, viewing the autumn leaves, and sensing the wintry winds.

The multipurpose, simple, and portable cooking stove would enrich your autumn life in various ways. It is recommended as gifts as well so please, by all means, try it out.


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Ginnan refers to nuts of the ginkgo trees that turn gold during the autumn season. The ginkgo tree, which has existed for more than two hundred million years, hardly dies down and is easy to maintain. Its nut, covered in a hard shell, is bitter in taste, soft and flaky, and beautiful in color. It usually in season from September to mid-November, which is why it is cherished as a seasonal ingredient during autumn.

Ginnan has various health benefits, as it is low-calorie and rich in nutrition, containing vitamin E, B1, and potassium. In Japan, ginnan is usually eaten by simply burning it or by including it in egg custard. Ginnan roasted with salt is cherished as snacks for Japanese sake, while ginnan mixed with rice or put in ganmodoki, mixed-vegetable tempura, or other boiled foods, are often served in bento boxes as well. While people nowadays use the microwave to cook it, in which it should be carefully handled as its shell may explode, the traditional way using the frying pan is recommended as it produces a more fragrant scent and become more crispy.

At Shokunin.com, we offer various products, from frying pans to bento boxes, which would allow users to prepare autumn-like dishes using ginnan. Rikucho Ogasawara’s mini pan would be perfect for serving ginnan to one or two persons, while FD style’s frying pans could cook ginnans for multiple persons at once. Kurikyu’s Magewappa lunch box, Matsuya Shikkiten’s lunch box, and other beautiful bento boxes that would well suit ginnan dishes are available as well. Further, popular items such as Appi Urushi Studio’s plates and bowls, Fresco’s Kasumi Plates, and Koishiwara ware’s plates and bowls are all perfect vessels with which you could serve your dishes. Please have a look at our homepage.

Rikucho Ogasawara’s Mini Pan
FD Style’s Frying Pan
Kurikyu’s Magewappa Lunch Box
Matsuya Shikkiten’s Shirakinuri Lunch Box
Appi Urushi Studio’s Plate/Bowl
Koishiwara Ware’s Plate/Bowl
Fresco’s Kasumi Plate