If you look up at the sky, there are clouds that are unique to the season, like the the altostratus clouds in spring and towering thunderclouds in summer.

The cirrocumulus clouds, often seen in autumn when typhoons and mobile cyclones approach, is a symbolic cloud of the season. The autumn sky, with its sparse and thin expanse of countless small clouds, is called "sardine clouds" in Japan because it looks like a school of sardines.

Sardine clouds, which make you feel spacious when you look up at them, are sometimes used as a seasonal word in haiku. Since the clouds are so thin that you can see the blue sky behind them, it is said to be a suitable seasonal word with a sense of loneliness.

Nowadays, vegetables and fruits can be eaten almost all year round, regardless of the season, thanks to the development of agricultural technology, preservation techniques, and distribution systems. With the spread of air conditioners, it has also become easier to cope with the heat and cold. In today's world where we are losing our sense of seasonality, clouds create a natural landscape that purely represents the four seasons.

Why don't you lie down on the bank of the river and watch the sardine clouds and feel the arrival of autumn? Speaking of clouds, be sure to try Maruyama Towel's cloud-soft and highly absorbent Kumogokochi Towel. When looking up at the summer clouds, please try Kuwana Imono's cloud-patterned Mosquito-Repelling Vessel as well.

Maruyama Towel's Kumogokochi Towel
Kuwana Imono's Mosquito-Repelling Vessel (Kumo)



Kyoto is said to be a treasure trove of coffee shops, but there is one that is unique and wonderful. Located near the Takasegawa River in Kyoto, "Tea Room Soiree" is a long-established coffee shop established in 1948.

The interior of the restaurant is characterized by fantastic blue lighting and beautiful paintings by Seishi Togo, creating a tasteful and extraordinary atmosphere. You can feel the French countryside landscape with the sculptures of Bacchus, the god of bread and wine, and the grapes on the ornaments and curtains in the space that is still in its original state since its establishment.

If you visit Soiree, you must try their signature dish, jelly punch. Clear, colorful cubes of jelly with different flavors float in the slightly sweet soda, reflecting the light and shining like jewels. We also recommend the nostalgic jelly coffee and jelly yogurt with a slightly gentle flavor. Please try the various menu that make the most of the fantastic jelly.

Spend some time reading, thinking, and relaxing in the fantastic, retro atmosphere created by the high ceiling blue lights, stained glass lamps illuminating the tables, numerous Western paintings, and delicate woodwork. Please consider bringing along our beautiful and functional sundries so that you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Kyoto even more.

Tea Room Soiree
SyuRo's Long Wallet
Siwa's Pouch


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[Peach Mozzarella]

Peach Mozzarella is what we want to eat every year when this season comes.

This recipe, which became a topic of conversation on Twitter around 2014 and which some people make during peach season, was originally published in "Western Style Cooking, My Rule" written by cookery researcher Mami Uchida in 2007.

The combination of seasonal peaches and mozzarella cheese with the salad-like taste of olive oil and salt and pepper is very fresh and would be delicious with white wine or cider.

With a little ingenuity, you can enjoy them in a different way, so why not try making them as a snack at home or as an accompaniment to drinks?

Koizumi Glass's Flat Bottom Evaporating Dish can be used not only during cooking, but also as a vessel.

[How to make]

Peel the peaches and cut them into pieces.

Cut the mozzarella into bite-sized pieces by hand.

Place the mozzarella on top of the peaches and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Scrape the zest from the lemon with a zester, then drizzle with olive oil and white wine vinegar.

Koizumi Glass's Flat Bottom Evaporating Dish

https://www.morinagamilk.co.jp/products/brand/mozzarella/fruit/ (Recipe)