I am really glad that I bought Atatamenabe. As I own a milk pan, it took me long to finally decide to purchase the product. However, as I touched and felt its size and texture, I felt glad that I bought it. In the beginning, I used it as a chai bowl for myself, as I enjoyed using the cute Atatamenabe to prepare spice chai as a reward to myself every time I finish cleaning dishes. I also cherish it to make preparations for everyday cooking. As to cook pasta using broad beans that I found at the vegetable store, I found Atatamenabe suitable for parboiling the broad beans that perfectly fit into the vessel. The everyday kitchen work seemed very enjoyable with this cute Atatamenabe and it is playing a major role at my house. Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to seeing more wonderful products.
M.N. from Okayama Prefecture, Japan

Matsuyama Tokojo’s Atatamenabe L