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Yudofu refers to diced tofu that is boiled on top of kombu, served with soy sauce and spice. The tofu shouldn’t be fired up for long and should be collected when it starts moving inside the bowl.

Yudofu first appeared as a vegetarian dish at Nanzenji-Temple in Kyoto. Tofu has been an extremely important source of protein for monks, as they are prohibited to eat meat.

With the spread of tea ceremony, vegetarian diets that were served exclusively at temples and shrines familiarized within ordinary people’s dining as well, giving rise to tofu-selling business, Nara-tofu, and Uji-tofu, during Muromachi period. As Kyoto’s water is high in quality, tofu, which is mainly made of water, required Kyoto’s underground water.

Today, there are many restaurants famous for serving yudofu in Kyoto, and “Tousuiro” is one of those, which locate in Kiyamachi and Gion. If you have the chance to visit Kyoto, we strongly recommend you to experience the wonderful taste of tofu.
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