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[New Item] Susumuya's Teacup

Susumuya was founded in 2012 by Mr. Kotaro Shinbara, who was born in a long-established wholesale store in Satsuma that has been engaged in the tea industry for generation after generations. He is a grandson of Mr. Nijiro Shinbara who's known as the "Father of Kagoshima Tea".

This teacup is an Arita-ware, a ceramic ware that has the same origin as Satsuma-ware. It was made with the aim to produce a form without any waste and with the purpose to simply "enjoy delicious tea." The teacup is designed to be a little big so that users won't have to go to the kitchen many times to pour in more tea. Designed by Mr. Masanori Oji.

Teacup S is perfectly sized to offer tea to guests, friends, and family members. Teacup L is sized to contain enough amount of tea to be placed on the desk at your workplace, to watch a movie, or to eat unhurriedly. Colored in unbleached white, a color often used by the Jicon brand.